Quotes I recently was in N Myrtle visiting my family and stopped by Krave Bagel. You have the best variety of Bagels I've EVER seen. The people that work there are friendly and this was truly a "Northern" experience for me which is excellent as I live in NC, but am from NJ. I checked out your website when I got home thinking I could look at the wonderful food, play Dorothy from the wizard of OZ and the food would be at my door. Your website just makes me want to go back to your store... Quotes

Quotes Hi Andy and Kim - I checked out this great website after talking with Andy. Your place looks upbeat and happy - very inviting and classy too, and the food looks totally yummy. You can't beat being on the corner of Possum Trot Road! I love that name............anyway, wishing you both tremendous success in all ways. May many bagel devotees find their way to you. Great to talk to you Andy - If you guys are ever in AZ you better let me know. We don't have a good bagel shop like yours but you could have a rattlesnake fritter at the Cowboy Club instead (ew). Well, have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Quotes
Debra H.

Quotes Andy's Shrimp salad is the best I have ever had and I am a seafood lover. Also, the bagels are the best bagels I have found south of the Mason-Dixon Line, by far!!! You have a regular customer in me. Also, your customer service is wonderful, helpful and very customer satisfaction oriented. What a combination!!! Quotes
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